Oil spill hazard ranking

The literature suggests that coastal impacts generated by oil spills depend on both the magnitude (i.e. the volume of oil) of the beaching events and their occurrence rate (i.e. frequency). Using the “Access to Products” tab, the user can readily map the oil spill hazard spatial distribution for the Atlantic countries/states based on simulated spill events, the frequency in which they reach coastal resources and the magnitude of such events. By simply clicking on the country of interest, one can also see the histogram of all the beaching events in the area of interest.

We have also ranked the Atlantic countries/states based on their oil spill hazard index , from the most “threatened” (high hazard index) to the least (low hazard index).

Further information, namely the average oil concentration, its standard deviation (i.e. uncertainty of the estimates) and the number of events observed were also made available allowing the user to draw more accurate conclusions about the oil spill hazard in the Atlantic and its spatial distribution.