Oil spill model: Medslik-II

GLAMOR uses MEDSLIK-II, an open and free oil spill model able to reproduce the transport and weathering processes taking place in spill events (http://medslikii.bo.ingv.it/). A paper on the model equations and structure is found in De Dominicis 2013a. Very useful information on the model calibration using real spill cases can be found in De Dominic­­is 2013b.

MOHID Oil Spill module

The MOHID water modelling system is a modular system including modules for several processes of the marine environment (physical, chemical and biological), which can communicate in real time during a simulation.

MOHID Oil Spill module is used in GLAMOUR as an ensemble member in the oil spill simulations. More details on the Oil module and its implementations can be found in Janeiro et al (2008) and Janeiro et al (2017).